Assembly technology

In the field of assembly technology SHM could expand its know-how in recent years.

Specific applications in the area of controlled force-way-monitored joining, inductive heating, and various testing processes such as vacuum and torque testing are now included in our standard applications.

A factor that should not be neglected when chaining together automation systems with several processes is the data management and the evaluation of such data with regards to both quantity and quality. To ensure reproducible and transparent production we provide data on a variety of media and interfaces, as well as in standardised quality formats and statistics.

Our concepts also include discharge, availability and the level of automation and accessibility for maintenance purposes. The performance-based and ergonomic considerations include the manual workstation, fully automated assembly stations and rework or repair work. Important aspects not to forget are the provisioning of material and order picking. We always have their simulation and implementation in focus to ensure an optimum material flow.

In the field of special machine design and construction we understand our role in the overview of the entire process, which we can successfully master only with you.