Laser applications

A part of the core business of Schuler Hangarter Maschinenbau is the development and delivery of automated laser machining processes.

In times when the requirements for machining are highest, the best strength behaviour and dimensional stability of products is sought, the best application is created by the mix of "product", "tool", and "laser system". This point of view puts the product into the centre, whose criteria form the base of laser application. Starting from this base, SHM validates the tool and laser-system-related parameters and merges them qualitatively.

Our knowledge allows us to automate this developed application. The spectrum already realised by us includes aluminum surface marking applications, portal and robot-guided flexible welding application for engines and car-body technology. Depending on what our customers require we assemble laser applications in the fields of gas and solid state lasers. If required, custom-made system components are developed directly by SHM.

An important factor of engineering at SHM is always to ensure the precise application of the manufacturing processes during serial production. We started with a capable and qualitative process capturing not only the cost-effectiveness for production use, but also the standardised requirements for worker protection and laser safety are implemented uncompromisingly.