Production lines

The merging of several applications for connectivity and shaping processes enables a consistent concept of quality with optimised material flow.


SHM confronts the requirements of automation with various techniques including welding technology, installation technology and NC metal forming. When considering the methods of manufacture certain work processes are analysed and made more manageable, these include the effects of tolerances and material behaviour.

Here are examples of this procedure:

  • CMT/MIG/MAG shield gas welding robot led with external axes
  • High speed handling with optical position detection/IR camera for small part feed
  • 3D-contour scanning/2D part control/DMC control by camera
  • Leakage check with leak detection system
  • Frictional torque test
  • Geometric dimensional check and quality evaluation
  • Automated multi-axis screw connection
  • Laser marking DMC and plain text on steel and aluminum surfaces
  • Servo motor NC milling of steel and aluminum components
  • Automatic adhesive application
  • Mobile and stationary laser welding technology at kW-level for gas and solid state lasers
  • Inductive heating of parts for assembly processes
  • Controlled force-way-monitoring of joining processes
  • Robot controlled roller seam technology
  • Rivet process for aluminum components
  • Lubrication applications for shipping preservative and as installation preliminary processes

The connecting and shaping processes are carried out at individual stations and are optimised with regards to their ability and performance. Firstly, the smooth connection with any necessary buffer time, de-coupling concepts and well though-out easy and friendly maintenance turns an assembled system into a homogeneous production line.